Wizard of Oz!

Wizard of Oz!

Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration Shoot! |


Since I was a little girl, the Wizard of Oz has been my favorite movie... Yes, I may have been scared of the witch... and a little terrified of the flying monkeys... but it was all worth it in the end to see Dorothy click her heels and say "There's No Place Like Home"!
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I think ever since I started my wedding photography business, I've always dreamed of shooting a Wizard of Oz themed wedding.  To date, sadly, I dont know of anyone who has done a wedding with such an awesome theme, so I started talking to some of my favorite ladies in the industry, and we decided, lets do it ourselves!  I cant even express how incredibly fabulous it was to have my dreams come true right in front of my eyes!  I had such a fabulous time not just putting together this shoot, but working side by side with some of the best women in the industry!  We were so thankful that Mr. Pratt offered his property - Pratt Gardens - as our backdrop!  It was absolutely gorgeous, and we could not thank him enough for his hospitality!  It was truly a wonderful day!

Here is a list of all of the a-maz-ing vendors involved:

Photography: Tami Melissa Photography
Flowers/Design: A Garden Party
Hair/Makeup: Your Day Your Way Traveling Hair and Makeup Artistry
Venue: Pratt Gardens
Paper/Stationary: Abbey Malcom Letterpress + Design
Dresses: Little Shop of Dresses
Tutu's: M&K's Tutu's
Rentals: Rental City
Linens: Let's Do Linen's
Cakes: The Sweet Life Bakery
Planner: Just Be the Bride

Another dream of mine was to be featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs - Inspired by This.  So, after completing our shoot, I submitted the photos, and they accepted it!!!  Yesterday, I had the absolute privilege of being featured on their website!!  :)  Love it!! Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.03.35 PM

The cakes were created and designed by the always fabulous Jill of The Sweet Life Bakery!  I am so sad to say, that the bakery is no longer, but wishing Jill the absolute BEST and so much love and luck at being a stay at home mommy!!  Congratulations love! :)

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0006 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0010The absolutely beautiful letterpress work for the invitations, place cards, menus, drink signs, etc were all done by the uber talented Abbey from Abbey Malcom Letterpress!!  Brides, you WANT to check her out!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0077 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0078 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0087How stinkin' adorable is this escort card display?! Ah!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0093 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0095 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0097This rainbow flower wall was sooooo amazing!  A Garden Party really outdid themselves!!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0111Dorothy's bouquet!!  LOVE!!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0117The Good Witch, Glinda's bouquet! So soft and beautiful!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0123The Bad Witch's bouquet - So fabulously wicked!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0124You cant forget the munchkins!!  Aren't these kids the absolute most adorbs munchkins ever?!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0134 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0151 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0156Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0060Our yellow brick road inspired ceremony!!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0159Our perfect Dorothy Gale and Oscar Marvel!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0170 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0179 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0184Loving all the details!!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0197Pick your poison - Speciality Drinks!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0068 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0071 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0074 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0202 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0208 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0212 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0213 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0221 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0281Do do do do dodo.... The witches on a tandem bike!!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0215Dorothy, Oz and of course Toto!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0223Swoon <3

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0227 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0230 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0240 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0242 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0252Our fabulously beautiful Wicked Witch...

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0256Work it girl!!!


Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0260Our perfectly beautiful Good Witch!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0265The bubbles could not have been more perfect!!

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0270The table-scape! Adore the linen as well as the beautiful flowers popping out of the centerpiece! Reminds me of the flowers on top of the munchkins heads when Dorothy first lands in Oz...

Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0282 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0287 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0288 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0290 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0298 Wizard-of-Oz-Wedding-Inspiration-Styled-Shoot-Pratt-Gardens-0303Cant forget the Ruby Slippers!!  Which are made by me and LOTS of red glitter!!  3 months later, and you can still find red glitter in my kitchen! ;)