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Catherine + Mike!

Catherine + Mike!

Princeton Maternity Photography! |


I was so thrilled when Catherine contacted me to do her and Mike's maternity photos! She was only 1 month along, but so excited to get a date with us to capture this special time in their lives!
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We met up with Catherine and Mike in Downtown Princeton, along with their two four-legged babies Roxy and Boss! I absolutely love Princeton at any time of the year - but my favorite time - sunset! ;)  We had such a great time with them, and I feel like I can definitely relate more, now that I've been pregnant myself - I just LOVE capturing maternity photos!!!  We can not wait to find out if Baby Reid will be a boy or a girl in just a little over a month!! :)  Enjoy their maternity photos!Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0001 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0004 Absolutely LOVE this shot!Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0005 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0006 Oh that sunset!!!!! <3Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0008 Catherine, you are absolutely gorgeous!!Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0010 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0012 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0013 Boss and Roxy were so good!  They are going to love (and lick!) their baby brother or sister forever!!Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0014 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0015 Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0016 Momma with her 3! babies!! <3Catherine-Mike-Downtown-Princeton-Maternity-Photography-0018

Ashley + Sean

Ashley + Sean

Destination: Yacht Club of Sea Isle City - Sea Isle City, NJ |


Its the first day of Spring... and snowing in the lovely state of New Jersey! However, I'm hoping this beautiful wedding of Ashley and Sean will help warm up your heart on this chilly day!! <3
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Ashley and Sean are not only fun and friendly, but so down to earth and just awesome people!  Capturing their wedding was such a privilege, and although the day was rainy, they made the absolute best of every situation! Ashley got ready in the home that they share together, and they were married at the Church of Resurrection in Marmora!  From there, we travelled into Sea Isle City to the Colonnade Inn where they were gracious enough to let us use their lobby and porch for photos since it was raining outside!  The night was then completed by all of their family and friends joining together and dancing the night away at the beautiful Yacht Club of Sea Isle City!  Enjoy the sneak peek of their day! xo2015-03-20_0036 2015-03-20_0037 I just LOVED her shoes!2015-03-20_0038 Yes, they were married on Pi Day!!  LOVE IT!2015-03-20_0039 2015-03-20_0040 2015-03-20_0041 2015-03-20_0042 Yep, she hopped in their tub for a few photos!2015-03-20_0043 Peeking in at her man......2015-03-20_0044 2015-03-20_0045 Oh the laughter..2015-03-20_0046 2015-03-20_0047 Congratulations lovebirds!!!2015-03-20_0048 2015-03-20_0049 2015-03-20_0050 2015-03-20_0051 2015-03-20_0052 2015-03-20_0053 2015-03-20_0054 2015-03-20_0055 2015-03-20_0056 2015-03-20_0057 2015-03-20_0058 And.... the crazy pouring rain.... we had to use the umbrellas that Ashley bought!2015-03-20_0059 2015-03-20_0060 2015-03-20_0061 The simple, beautiful details at the yacht club were perfect!2015-03-20_0062 2015-03-20_0063 2015-03-20_0064 2015-03-20_0065 2015-03-20_0066 2015-03-20_0067 2015-03-20_0068 2015-03-20_0069 2015-03-20_0073 2015-03-20_0074 And then this happened.....2015-03-20_0075 The rain stopped and we ran outside for some photos before the night ended!2015-03-20_0070 2015-03-20_0071 2015-03-20_0072Congratulations Mr + Mrs Meyers!!  We had a BLAST with you both! Wishing you so much love and happiness, and we hope that you are having an amazing time in New Zealand on your honeymoon!!! <3 xo

Alexis + Johnny!

Alexis + Johnny!

Destination: Vie - Philadelphia, PA |


Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am SO thrilled to finally be back to blogging some amazing weddings coming up this year! I am officially done my maternity leave and back to shooting anything and everything that I can! I hope to be sharing some photos of my little man soon as well! <3
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I've got to say, this was a fabulous way to start off the 2015 wedding season!  It is always great to get to work with such wonderful, friendly, down to earth, and just plain FUN people!  It was such an honor to be a part of another Donohoe wedding!  I've come to absolutely adore this family!! <3  The day was filled with love, laughter, tears and fluffy beautiful snow!  Alexis, Johnny and their bridal party were such troopers out in the snow, which resulted in some beautiful photos!  But the real fun didn't begin until we arrived at Vie and partied all night with the band LA Starz from EBE!  They are one of the BEST bands in the industry and we LOVE working with them! They really know how to keep the party going all night!!

Enjoy the sneak peek of the beginning of #TheNewDonohoes happily ever after!!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0001 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0002 The ladies! Love them!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0005 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0006 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0008 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0009 Alexis's jewelry was to die for! Ah!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0010 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0011 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0013 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0014Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0015 Johnny's mom helping him get dressed! Love it!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0003 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0004 A boy and his dog! <3Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0007The perfect saying for this snowy day... Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0012 Cutest ring bearer and flower girl!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0016 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0017 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0018 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0019 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0020 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0021 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0022 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0023 Congrats to the Newlyweds!!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0024 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0025 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0026 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0027 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0028 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0029 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0030 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0031 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0032 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0033 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0034 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0035 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0036 Such a beautiful bouquet by Carl Alan Floral Designs!!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0037 Alexis received some first class service!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0038 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0039 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0040 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0041 I absolutely loved shooting at any Cescaphe property, but Vie has to be one of my favorites!  Seriously, how beautiful is this room?!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0042 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0043 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0044 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0045 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0046 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0048 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0049 LA Starz!!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0047 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0050 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0051 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0052 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0053 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0054 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0055 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0056We had to run outside and take advantage of the snow one more time! Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0057 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0058 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0059 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0060 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0061 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0062 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0063 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0064 <3 swoon!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0065 You might recognize this beautiful lady from her wedding at One Atlantic back in August!Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0066Haley + Pat! Seriously love these two!! <3Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0067 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0068 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0069 Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0070 Congratulation Mr + Mrs Donohoe!!  I hope you're having a BLAST in warm St. Lucia!! <3Alexis-Johnny-Vie-Cescaphe-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photography-0071

Guest Post!

Guest Post!


Happy Friday the 13th!! Tomorrow we kick off 2015 with a fabulous wedding we've been looking forward to for what seems like forever! But first, it's time for another guest blog post!! This time its from from one of our absolute favorite cinematography teams - husband and wife - Anthony & Colleen from Be Films!!!! <3
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Wedding Cinema: Insights for Couples Considering Film
by Colleen Bianco Bezich of Be Films

I'm so excited to be guest-blogging for Tami!  Since I know many couples ask Tami and others for wedding videography recommendations, I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you what goes into a wedding film, and how wedding films have evolved over the past 10-15 years.
Let’s start by being honest. Many engaged couples (and wedding vendors) will chuckle when they read the phrases "wedding cinema” or "wedding film."  Why? Probably because of the antiquated notion of wedding videos that unfortunately for professionals like me, is still very much alive…
It goes something like this: the wedding video was a task you assigned to your uncle or a family friend, because (a) people associated little to no real value with it; (b) it simply involved positioning a handheld camcorder in the back of the ceremony site, and then later, invading people’s space (and privacy) by bombarding guests with table side questions about knowledge of or advice for the couple; and (c) it was never viewed as artistic, but instead valued simply for the ability to “playback” the important events of the big day.

Welcome to 2015, a year when I hope this antiquated notion finally disappears (or at least dissipates somewhat)!

While I don’t ever take offense to being referred to as a “videographer,” I do like to educate our couples & their parents, as well as other wedding professionals, about our craft, which is filmmaking.   My goal in doing this is twofold: (1) to improve relationships across the wedding industry; and (2) to enable couples to connect with a wedding cinema studio they love and embrace the creative process from start to finish.
So what goes into the production of a wedding film, and why do costs mirror that of photographers now? Here’s a quick and dirty synopsis of our workflow and creative process:

The Planning, aka: Preproduction

This is where your cinematographer gets personal. We ask about your love story and your wedding plans.  We want rough details and timelines so that we can best approach your day and begin storyboarding in advance of your actual wedding...
Are there people that make you uncomfortable? How large is the room where you’ll be getting ready and who will be in there with you? Who will be speaking at the wedding, and what kinds of stories might they share? How long will your ceremony be, and what are some of the most important moments or events of your ceremony aside from vows/ring exchange?  What type of vibe are you going for at your reception? What is your color scheme? What musical artists or genres do you connect with.
In addition to filming very candid moments shared by you and your family & friends, we also need to anticipate technical issues and/or address realities and restrictions such as low lighting, limited space, wind, and/or limited camera placement per venue restrictions, etc.  Why? Well in the case of wind, while it may enable your veil to flow gracefully and create a gorgeous shot for us and your photographers, it also makes for a very tricky audio capture if your ceremony is outdoors. Similarly, low lighting may seem romantic when touring your venue, but when you want to capture details and a first dance without on-camera lighting (and remember, we don’t use flash), low light is not so flattering.

Stephanie + Danny's Highlight, showcases the beauty of that wind I mentioned above and the use of inconspicuous lighting at a reception:

Downtown Club Philadelphia Wedding - Stephanie and Danny's Wedding Highlight Film from Be Films on Vimeo.

We take great pride in our professionalism and ability to get the job done regardless of these restrictions, but a heads up is always helpful - it goes a long way to prevent day-of problems, as well as to enable more creativity. If we can anticipate the above scenarios, we can work with you and your other vendors in advance of the wedding to address and improve upon them.
Hence, we also like to know who else we’ll be working with to make your wedding dreams a reality, including photographers, musicians, dj’s, hair stylists, makeup artists, venue coordinators, event planners, florists, etc.  If we’ve worked with them before, we know they don’t have that antiquated notion I mentioned above, and that working with them will not only be possible, but also enjoyable and mutually beneficial.  It we haven’t worked with them yet, we like to reach out to them in advance of your wedding date and explain our collaborative nature, unobtrusive style, and our goal to put you, our mutual clients, first.

The Wedding Day, aka: Production

Just like Tami, we are with you for the duration of your wedding day. Our studio typically lets photographers take the lead, as we prefer to capture the intimate, “in-between” moments as opposed to posed portraits.  That being said, we will speak up when necessary.  We love collaborating with photographers like Tami & Ryan as it can really increase our collective creativity (and productivity) during the course of the day.
We “shoot to edit,” meaning that we are envisioning your film as your day unfolds…each bit of audio, every scene and the many sequences involving you, your family & friends is being mentally catalogued and referenced by us as we continue filming throughout the day.  Often, by the time we arrive at the reception venue, we have an idea of how we will craft your love story, and we continue build from there as we complete production.
The best compliment we can receive from your guests is actually one of surprise.  Because we strive to be unobtrusive, we hope they exclaim, “We didn’t even know you had videographers!” upon seeing your wedding film weeks later.

The Honeymoon, aka: Postproduction

We, and your photographer, are likely the only vendors that continue working for you well after the wedding ends (to the tune of anywhere between 15-40 hours).  There is no greater feeling for us than to get home from a fantastic wedding and immediately start discussing the edit we’ve outlined in our minds, proud of what we’ve captured and excited to share it with our couples.
This part of the process is absolutely a labor of love, from choosing (and licensing) the audio tracks we will use to score your film, to painstakingly arranging the clips in the timeline, to selecting which live audio feed offers the best quality. Finally, we work on perfecting the edit with color grading, effects and titles.

And, to demonstrate just how powerful live audio can be, check out Sarah + Ben's summer wedding (we had to address audio interference from wind and water in this film):

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve Wedding Film - Sarah + Ben from Be Films on Vimeo.

Costs aka: Production Budget

Some couples suffer sticker shock when they see our pricing, and many times it’s because they don’t initially anticipate all that goes into preproduction, production or postproduction until we explain it to them.  For this reason we discuss with them the extensive amount of time and technical skill, as well as artistic ability that is put into the film.  The costs of doing business as a professional in 2015 are also relevant. Aside from camera, audio and lighting equipment costs, we invest in editing software, music licensing, professional liability insurance, and continuing education.  It’s so important, regardless of which vendor you’re on the hunt for, to distinguish between wedding vendor hobbyists and wedding vendor business owners.  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for." Cinematic wedding films in the Philadelphia area, shot by industry pros with DSLR or cinema cameras, typically cost between $3,500 and $6,000. Costs for luxury wedding films, destination weddings and multi-day affairs can easily exceed $10,000.  There are some smaller studios (such as our second studio, Pair of Hearts: and studios that do not shoot with DSLR or cinema cameras, that offer productions in the $2000 range.

Is a Wedding Film for You? 

Each of our projects is designed to capture, preserve and celebrate the joyous occasion that is a wedding. No two of our films are identical because no two of our couples are the same.  While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, our films are overflowing with countless detailed sequences and heartwarming scenes; and for this reason many filmmakers will say that a wedding film is invaluable.  There is something immensely intimate and meaningful in pairing the visual image with the spoken vows, the sounds of laughter, sighs & whispers, and a beautiful musical score.
We are honored to give couples the ability to relive some of the most intimate and cherished moments from what is one of the happiest days of their lives. Weeks, months, and years after your wedding day, your film will remain a testament to your love, and hopefully it will make you laugh and cry (tears of joy) all over again.
If you're on the fence about wedding films, I encourage you to conduct a search just as you would for your wedding photographer - find an artist(s) that you feel a connection to, and work that resonates with you.  If and when you do find the "one," I can guarantee that your wedding film will be one of the best wedding gifts you can give yourselves.
Guest Post!

Guest Post!

A Garden Party Tips/Inspiration for Brides! |


For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that my life has been turned upside down and all around over these past 6 weeks with the birth of my son. So, of course, there haven't been any weddings or engagements to blog, which means my blog has been suffering and pretty boring over here. Well, some of my absolute favorite vendors have graciously stepped up with a guest blog post offering my brides and grooms some tips, insight and information that may be helpful! First up, my favorite florists EVER - A Garden Party!
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We are so excited to be guest blogging to all of Tami's wonderful fans!

We would love to take this time to give future brides some inside scoops on how to make the most of your wedding day flowers and decor - something your photographer may thank you for, because it makes their job easier and let's them focus more on you!  We are always willing to try new things and work with many different trends, but over the years we've learned a few staples that will never go out of style.

1. Linens
Many brides with budgets tend to overlook linen rentals, and settle with the standard white or ivory that is provided by most venues.  Renting a quality linen - whether it's a bold color, patterned, or neutral -makes ALL the difference in making your centerpieces really stand out and pop.    Many brides want to play it safe and think that white or ivory will match anything - but think of your color scheme and the colors of your venue and see what will flow best with the rest of the design.


2.  Ombre Color Schemes 
Ombre  has become a very popular trend lately, and for good reason.  When choosing your color scheme, it's important to think of all of the "in between" shades of your colors.   For example, if you love hot pink and want pink and white to be your wedding colors, try to include different shades of pink that will make the contrast a little less harsh in your flower arrangements.  This is true for any combination of colors - purple and pink, blue and yellow, orange and blue, etc.  This will help you avoid the polka dot look and create a more sophisticated wedding theme.

Heather-Jeff-Laurel-Creek-Country-Club-Wedding-Photography-0011 Heather-Jeff-Laurel-Creek-Country-Club-Wedding-Photography-0061

3.  Floral Jewelry 
This is one of our favorites.  Instead of the traditional corsages for Mothers and Grandmothers, brides have been ordering floral jewelry instead.  Cuffs, necklaces, even rings can be made out of succulents and flowers.  The feedback?  More comfortable, convenient, and custom!


Hope some of these tips can give you some new inspiration for wedding planning!  Though we know anyone booking with Tami already has great style :)